Commitment Alert | Alex Vince

by Darryl Reid

Congratulations to 2020 LHP Alex Vince on his commitment to Mineral Area College in Park Hills, MO. Vince will join Toronto Mets Alumni Cody Bond, Connor Hicks, and Ben Jones. 

Alex is very thankful to the coaches at the Toronto Mets. "Each coach at the Toronto Mets was always there to give their expert opinion during this difficult process. I owe the Toronto Mets a great deal of thanks for helping me through every up and down through this journey and always pushing me to be not only the best player on the field but the best person outside of baseball."

For Alex he took advantage of the recruiting process and enjoyed the opportunities that were created. "The recruiting for me was extremely exciting. Being a small town kid traveling across the United States with the Mets having the opportunity to perform in front of hundreds of college scouts was extremely astonishing. Knowing that each time I was out there took me one step closer to my goal to get a scholarship to play baseball at college."

Alex had tremendous support growing up, and is extremely grateful for each person who contributed to his development, especial his mom. "I don’t think there is a single person in my life that hasn’t contributed to where I am at this point in my life. Every coach, mentor, and trainer I cannot thank you enough for always seeing something extra in me and pushing me to always keep going. The biggest thank you of all has to go out to my mother. Being a single mother isn’t easy and she has done everything possible to provide for me and get me to where I am today and where I will be in the future."

"A special thanks to Rich Leitch and Honsing Leung for aiding in my final decision to commit to Mineral Area College, and always being a text or phone call away whenever I had questions." Rich, is the Toronto Mets Director of Baseball and Recruiting Coordinator. 

Finding the right fit for any athlete can be a challenge. Alex seems to have found the best situation for him. "I am extremely excited to jump into playing at Mineral Area, over this process I have developed a very good relationship with the Coach at Mineral Area which has helped make the process of leaving home easier knowing I will be going to a college that I can be comfortable at and truly excel as a player both academically and in my baseball career."

This is and exciting time for Alex and his family and we would like to wish his the best of luck as he prepares for the fall of 2020.